Zaraat & COVID19

The current times have surely been marred by what can be classified as one of the worst tragedies that have befallen mankind. The first few months were especially characterized by uncertainty that floated through the human mind and the collective trauma that the world went through. People were forced to be handicapped and even for the barest of necessities felt too scared to step outside of their houses. The Covid-19, an extremely dangerous virus that first started its spread in Wuhan, China, soon took over the world and relentlessly killed many. This deadly pandemic, with the absence of any vaccine or cure left people with no choice, but to isolate themselves at home and practice social distancing. This strict practice resulted in the lack of mobility for people and where the various lockdowns demanded that all shops were closed. The departmental stores that remained open were restricted to a brief span of time and often many people were not able to make it on time. Even when they did, a certain fear and anxiety overcame them, amidst the crowd of people they had to shop in, and where despite strong measures taken by the stores, often the buyers breached the codes of social distancing and the virus within Pakistan also became a tragic reality.

However the virus did not only have biological and psychological repercussions and in fact many around the world labeled it as the next “Great Depression”. The virus was of course set to have a dramatic impact on the economy and unfortunately many expected that a huge downfall would be witnessed. However much to our surprise, it was the online shopping spaces and the e-commerce platforms that came out to be the saving grace of both the economy to some extent and the plight for all shopping concerns.

It was during these hard times that Zaraat with its digital online global marketplace created a safe space for those who wanted to shop the daily necessities of life, but through a safe and secure channel.

Zaraat believes that all its energy should be essentially channeled towards accommodating its clientage and hence keeping in mind its aims of compassion and empathy, it worked towards, first and foremost in bringing the market at home. Zaraat understood that for many people something as simple as going to a grocery store to buy daily essentials would put them and their entire family at the risk of catching the fatalistic virus and also understood the paranoia that accompanied their sentiments and rightfully so. Amidst the series of lockdowns that took place nationally and internationally, Zaraat made sure that a safe and secure shopping experience was provided to the people at home. With its wide variety of e-commerce products, Zaraat gave access to thousands of people , with the best quality products with just a single click. On Zaraat`s digital market place, numerous daily grocery items of top notch quality are available, from freshly baked breads, to farm fresh eggs and the delicious jams. Bath and cleaning essentials, medicinal items, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, masks, and tissues were available in bulk, where people who had been facing a shortage in traditional markets, were easily able to buy them in decent amounts. Zaraat also provided a place for items like clothings, shoes, accessories and especially during Eid-ul-Fitr provided for a platform for people, who wanted to celebrate the auspicious occassion but following the correct SOPS. The Zaraat Global market place provided for them a platform where they had access to all the best quality clothing items and accessories. Along with the other diverse needs of its customers, during these troubling times Zaraat also provided organic and nutritious vegetables and fruits of 100% perfect quality and hence ensured a prompt supply to its clientage.

Zaraat as pointed out earlier was not only mechanism of support for its buyers but also made it a point to keep the mobility of its seller`s goods in motion. Zaraat essentially aimed to maintain a market place which also made sure that with the disconnect that the virus had created and its troubling effects on local sellers with minimum outreach, that such disconnect could be breached and that their myriad products would reach their desired consumers. A lot of small business suffered initially when the Covid-19 began but Zaraat through its accommodating market place ensured that those businesses could conveniently go online and the damage to their businesses was minimized. In fact it would not be wrong to point out that many sellers made more sales that their usual routine. Collectively as well the e-commerce world has been transformed during the time of the Covid-19 due to such adequate sites, like Zaraat itself. Zaraat worked on the basis of compassion and made sure that those sellers who were invisibilised due to virus, did not suffer morbidly and worked day and night to empower its sellers and related brands.

This accomplished endeavor by Zaraat has created a trend of online shopping, which is not only a convenient but a sustainable way of shopping. Zaraat impacted both the economy and the health safety of Pakistan, through its foresighted approach. In fact even when the virus finally curbs, Zaraat has established a platform where the consumers and sellers both can access the diversity of the global market and minimize the lives lost ,due to exposure and the forsaking of the SOPs. It hopes to always put you first and you are its number #1 priority.