Our Promise

1) Friendly Customer representatives Zaraat ensures that all its customers are dealt with absolute care and for our extremely friendly customer representatives, no query is too small.

2) Internationally competitive quality Rest assured that we will ensure that our customers are subject to only best quality products.

3) Follow –up through same representative In case of a delay in order or a recurring issue, rest assured that the same customer representative would be handling your issue and hence repetition of your problem by you won`t be a hassle you will find yourself in.

4) Archiving Interaction The customers will be allowed to record, print or save a copy of any interaction, to keep documentation and avoid further hassle.

5) Resolving issues in one interaction We understand how frustrating it is, to call for weeks over an issue that can be resolved in a single go. Hence we assure you that no extra time will be taken and issues that can be possibly resolved in a single go, will be dealt with immediately to your satisfaction!

6) Market Prices We would never subject our customers to products which sway away unnecessarily from market prices.